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Expanding Immersive Design 2016

Full Body Immersion, Storytelling, Content Creation, User Experience, Knowledge Transfer and Artistic Experiences

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27. 10 2016
Zurich University of the Arts, Toni-Areal


As immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality are about to enter the mass consumer market, new design challenges become apparent. Many of the concepts that designers applied successfully in different media simply don’t work in these new environments.


The department of design at the zurich university of the arts includes several disciplines which have been exploring these environments for a long time. Expertise and research in creative technologies and our broad perspective on design enable us to bring valuable contributions to the table.


The conference focused specifically on design aspects of AR/VR but with a broad understanding of the term: full body immersion, storytelling, content creation, user experience, knowledge transfer as well as artistic experiences were all subjects of talks.

Max Rheiner, Zhdk / Somniacs
— Introduction

Rob Morgan, Gamestory, UK
—Tweaking Reality: Designing Immersive Narratives For Ar/Vr

Valery De Smedt, Crew, BE
— The Curated Experience – Alternative Reality (‘Altr’) And The Transfer Of ‘Implicit Knowledge’

Bruno Herbelin, EPFL, CH
— Cognitive Mechanisms Behind Presence And Embodiment In Virtual Reality

Sylvain Chague, Artanim, CH
— Challenges And Opportunities Of Large Scale Virtual Reality

Alexander Kulik, Uni Weimar, DE
— Multi-User Virtual Reality: User Interfaces For Cooperation

John Campbell, Triangularpixels, UK
— Don’t Go Alone – Take Me! The Social Vr Experience

Kim Majkut, Curiscope, UK
— Captivating The Mind – Inspire In Education Through VR And AR

Kean Walmsley Autodesk, CH
— Experiments In Vr Ux. Or How Not To Get Lost In Space.

Rupert Breheny, Google, CH
— Building The Perfect Vr Room – Impactful Vr Experiences Begin Long Before You Put On A Headset

Lukas von Niederhäusern,
— The Fundamentals Of User-Interaction For Virtual Reality

Samuel Vonäsch,
— Create & Share Virtual Reality Online

Marc Zimmermann,
— Longing For Wilderness – Setting Out For Virtual Reality

Matthias Taugwalder,
— Storytelling In 360° And Production Of 360° Videos

John Rice, Swisscom
— Augmented Corporations: Designing For The Digital Workspace

Expanding Immersive Design 2016
Expanding Immersive Design 2016
Expanding Immersive Design 2016