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Future Baby-Labor and Birth-pregnancy

Most pregnancies lead to the birth of a healthy child, but even for individuals with no personal or family history of birth defects there is a 3–5% background risk. The main objective of this project is to create a 3D virtual humans will represent participants these virtual humans will have the same appearance and behaviors as real humans and then to make my medical animation interactive for fetal growth and development during pregnancy. A 3D animated look at the stages of inside pregnancy from labor contractions to birth. And the development of a know-how as are, real Babies humans, have: how they move and how to do something by their own. This project should teach our partners and clients with projects thought provoking puzzle games to interactive mechanism.

The aim of Healthy pregnancy’s study/thesis is to develop and generate a 3D virtual model based on a normative dataset of pregnancy women:

  • Through computer-generated illustrations, Zurich Hospital-Pregnancy Center infrastructure-art technical equipment, which are highly efficient, which can be traversed with an autonomous single-track film, various scenes or sequences.
  • Present the complete geometry processing pipeline based on triangle meshes
  • Focus on fundamental concepts and recent developments
  • Provide & Transfer Medical information to 3D animation Video relevant for Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Stimulate new ideas
Dina Bha Idden
MA-Diplome 2010-2014

Masterarbeit 2013/14
Mentoring: Dr. Prof. Martin Ehrbar, Niklaus Heeb
Field of Excellence: Kommunikation | Erkenntnis-Visualisierung

Future Baby-Labor and Birth-pregnancy
Future Baby-Labor and Birth-pregnancy